Interior Design

Interior Design is the process of creating a personal story through décor. This can include any selections from paint color to furniture to accessories. The key is to design around life and create your own personal style with the help of existing trends and styles of design. Titus Designs educates its clients to be original and find comfort in their homes/commercial space. We want you to experience a feeling when you walk into a space, whether that is airy, calm, controlled, functional or even minimal. When we are hired, we sit down with you and truly get to know you, almost like an interview process. We discuss your needs and ideas and create a plan from there..

Space Planning

Space Planning is crucial in design. Titus Designs assists our clients by enhancing architectural features of any space and teaches our clients how to arrange furniture, artwork and accessories. Balance is key to every space and we focus on 5 main questions when we begin this process. 1. Are there any features that automatically catch your eye? 2. What are the traffic patterns in the room? 3. How can we arrange furniture so it draws attention to the room’s best characteristic? 4. Is there large window? A fireplace? Is there an architectural interest? 5. Is there a natural flow to the room? .

Material Selections

Building or redesigning a space can be very grueling. Titus Designs assists our clients in the very beginning stages to the end. We work with various vendors to get the best product and services. We work with all budgets and help our clients stick to their plan and allocated budgets. With our knowledge of products and various styles we make the selection process feel comfortable and stress free. Selections include and not limited to: Flooring, plumbing, hardware ,cabinetry, windows, doors, furniture, accessories, lighting, ETC..